Celebrate the Country's First Mid-Atlantic Cannabis Conference Focused on Education, Media, Business, Policy and Equity Within the Cannabis Space

Understanding that dialogue and education makes for a more informed, and involved, public, the media and the communities it covers must be conscious about cannabis legalization in order to understand the nuance, context and dynamics of issues that affect stakeholders and underrepresented communities within the cannabis space.

Thus, The Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, the first and oldest association of black journalists in the country, is organizing the CannAtlantic Cannabis Conference, an educational opportunity that brings community leaders, policy makers, business owners, media professionals, patients and curious minds from across the Mid-Atlantic Region to discuss the need for more education and media coverage on cannabis legalization and ways we can improve our collective understanding of these ongoing dynamics happening in our region.

Attendees will not only learn about prospective business opportunities and legalization efforts happening in the region, but will cross-pollinate their networks and expand their connection to the region by meeting other regional businesses in the area.

This regional conference comes after our successful Color of Cannabis Conference which premiered in Philadelphia on April 6, 2019. It was the first cannabis conference led by a media nonprofit aimed at educating both media professionals, and community leaders, on cannabis: from its connection to the War on Drugs, to business opportunities and criminal justice reform.


Some Questions

Depending on your state’s law, use at your own discretion! Who are we to say no?

We are issuing optional refunds for those who paid earlier this year and are now experiencing financial hardship, specifically: non-corporate tiered sponsors, vendors and ticket holders. Please contact us if this applies to you.

We will be using Hopin for our virtual conference, and will be migrating most of our core programming to this platform. In addition, we’ll have updated programs to reflect the turbulent nature of our new reality: including discussions on covid19’s impact and the intersection of the cannabis movement and the abolish police movement.


We hope that you agree that education is important, and by supporting PABJ through sponsorship, you’re helping others understand the impact of legalization, which will help lead to smarter news coverage, a more engaged readership that’s hungry to stay informed and communities who may be more interested in participating in these vital discussions — engagement that could ultimately shape how the Mid-Atlantic region moves forward with cannabis legalization. The best way to do that during a free conference? Buy tickets and donate!

CannAtlantic Cannabis Conference

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