Aja Atwood

CannAtlantic Speaker Highlight: Aja Atwood

Aja Atwood is the CEO of Trella Technologies, and will be discussing how cannabis businesses can raise money beyond speaking with investors. Check our schedule to see when her panel is and be sure to register for our conference to participate! Learn more about this Philadelphian below.

As a mechanical engineer-turned-cofounder of an agri-tech startup focusing on the cannabis industry, Aja uses her 15+ years of experience in climate disaster risk engineering to create innovative technologies that will revolutionize urban farming in order to protect our food supply.

After graduating cum laude from Northeastern University, Aja spent more than 15 years working as an international engineering specialist focused on climate disaster risk engineering to reduce damage and business interruptions from natural catastrophes. Ms. Atwood has worked with several of the top property insurance companies and helped to create many of the guidelines they use to quantify their clients’ exposure to natural disasters. Over the years, Aja has developed a deep understanding of the threats of climate change and how it will impact future generations, including how we feed and protect ourselves.

In 2011 Ms. Atwood started her first entrepreneurial venture, and in 2016 she started to apply her unique mix of experiences of working as an engineer on the ground during and after natural catastrophes with my entrepreneurial drive, leadership, and passion for cannabis to create the world’s first automated horizontal plant-training system (TrellaGro LST™, trella.io) that will revolutionize indoor farming. As a patient, Aja understands the need for quality medicine and continue to strive to advance production, regulation, and innovation in the field of Cannabis.

In addition to serving as the CEO of Trella Technologies, LLC and President of Climate Disaster Consulting, LLC. Ms. Atwood is also a founding member of ELEVATE NE, an organization created to support the New England cannabis industry’s need for education, advocacy and networking in a professional and inviting atmosphere. I’m also a proud supporter of the Massachusetts  Recreational Consumer Council (MRCC), the Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN) and EforAll (Entrepreneurship for All).

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