Welcome to the Virtual CannAtlantic Cannabis Conference

10:00 am

Organized by the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists. We'll introduce this virtual conference, with a word from our sponsors.

Keynote Speaker - Ricardo Baca

10:22 am

Ricardo Baca is a 20-year veteran journalist and founder of Grasslands, a journalism-minded agency. He served as The Denver Post's first-ever marijuana editor. Learn why staying informed, and being on top of the ever-evolving news within cannabis, is important to staying civically engaged.

Keynote Speaker - Commissioner Shaleen Title

10:26 am

Commissioner Shaleen Title is a regulator of the Cannabis Control Commission, tasked with implementing and regulating Massachusetts adult-use cannabis industry. Learn why staying informed, and working to become a rule maker in the cannabis policy space, is important.

Delaware State of State Cannabis Report

10:30 am

Zo Patchell, Executive Director of DelawareCAN. DelawareCAN presents Delaware's current cannabis market, the ongoing movement and issues that need more media attention.

West Virginia State of State Cannabis Report

11:15 am

Danielle Waltz, attorney at Jackson Kelly and Jesse Forbes, founder of Forbes Law. Jackson Kelly and Forbes Law firms discuss West Virginia's medical marijuana market, and where things are heading leading into 2021.

Virginia State of State Cannabis Report

12:00 pm

Jenn Michelle Pedini, Executive Director of Virginia NORML, will deliver updated information on Virginia's medical marijuana market, and what's next for the Old Dominion state.

BREAK and a word from Philly

12:45 pm

Get some food, go to the bathroom, stretch and take a breather while you hear some encouraging words from Philly leaders in the cannabis space.

Washington D.C.'s State of State Cannabis Report

1:30 pm

Tyler McFadden and Kamani Jefferson discuss the D.C.'s current cannabis market, and if there's hope on the horizon for legalization.

Maryland's State of State Cannabis Report

2:15 pm

Olivia Naugle, Policy Analyst at Marijuana Policy Project. Marijuana Policy Project will deliver updated information on the state of Maryland's medical marijuana market, and what's to come in 2021

Pennsylvania's State of State Cannabis Report

3:00 pm

Cherron Perry-Thomas, founder of Diasporic Alliance for Cannabis Opportunities, Tauhid Chappell, Board member of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists. MCBA, DACO and PABJ come together to discuss Pennsylvania's cannabis market and ongoing conversations around legalization in the Keystone State.

New York's State of State Cannabis Report

3:45 pm

Saki Fenderson, Cannabis Cultural Association. Cannabis Cultural Association gives insight on where New York is in their legalization efforts, and what we might expect in 2021.

New Jersey's State of State Cannabis Report

4:30 pm

Faye Coleman, co-founder of Pure Genesis and Monica Taing, board member of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation. Pure Genesis and Doctors for Cannabis Regulation discuss how New Jersey may legalize adult-use this year and what that means for the Mid-Atlantic Region.

SPONSOR - Cresco Labs

5:15 pm

Organizing and Mobilizing

5:45 pm

Chelsea Higgs Wise, co-founder of Marijuana Justice. You've acquired all of this knowledge. You've met amazing people. You understand what's at stake. Now here's what you need to do next.


6:25 pm

Tauhid Chappell, board member of The Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists. This has been quite a journey, and we're just beginning. Thank you for coming onboard the CannAtlantic, we'll see you in 2021!

SPONSOR - Cresco Labs - COVID19's impact on the industry

10:30 am

How has a global pandemic impacted dispensaries & grower processors? Cresco Labs, a multi-state operator, gives insight on this turbulence.

SPONSOR - MCBA - Our Model State Policy Legislation

11:15 am

The Minority Cannabis Business Association reveals their model state bill to help advocates implement equitable legalization in their state

The State of Cannabis Media

12:00 p.m.

Ricardo Baca, founder of Grasslands, Mona Zhang, POLTICO cannabis reporter, Dan Adams, Boston Globe cannabis reporter, Mehka King, founder of CashColorCannabis. There are people in the media space doing the hard work in uncovering injustices, highlighting issues and spotlighting people in cannabis. Learn about them!

Cannabis event planning during a pandemic

1:30 pm

Steph Barnhart, founder of Cultivation Classic and Caroline Phillips, founder of National Cannabis Festival. How do you navigate a pandemic as a cannabis event planner? Learn from the founders of the Cultivation Classic & National Cannabis Festival.

SPONSOR Soulful Cannabis & Holistic Industries - Job hunting in COVID19

1:45 pm

Rabbi James Kahn, Director of Outreach for Holistic Industries, Jason Mitchell, co-founder of Soulful Cannabis. What does the cannabis job market look like right now? How are corporations hiring, and more importantly, how are we ensuring there's a diverse workforce?

SPONSOR Cresco Labs - How SEED program aims to increase social equity businesses

1:45 pm

Learn about Cresco Lab's Social Equity & Educational Development (SEED) program, aimed at helping diversify the cannabis industry.

How to grow your business, alternative fundraising

2:15 pm

Aja Atwood, foudner of Trella Technologies, Jessica Velazquez, Treasurer of Minority Cannabis Business Association. It's not always about doing the a dance for investors, learn how else you can raise money while keeping your dignity, and ideas, intact.

The State of Medical Marijuana

3:00 pm

Tamara Russell, founder of REVIVE POC, Dr. Rachel Knox, Cannabinoid Medicine specialist and board member of Minority Cannabis Business Association. Adult-use legalization is all the rage right now, but where does that leave medical marijuana markets and patients who need direct access and support?

Cannabis and Abolishing the Police

3:45 pm

Naomi Isaac, member of Marijuana Justice, Rick Van Wickler, board member of Law Enforcement Action Partnership. Where does the movement to legalize cannabis align with the movement to abolish police?

SPONSOR - Soulful Cannabis & Holistic Industries - Cannabis Industry Accountability

4:15 pm

Rabbi James Kahn, Director of Outreach for Holistic Industries, Skip Shuda, co-founder of Soulful Cannabis. How do we ensure there's a semblance of corporate social responsibility in the cannabis industry?

Surviving COVID19 As A Cannapreneur

4:30 pm

Vladamir Bautista, co-founder of Happy Munkey, Fatima McDonald, co-founder of Mello Infusions and Mello Caf�, Adhu Krishnan founder of AK Aveksha. Many cannapreneurs have been feeling the brunt of the global pandemic. Hear how these entrepreneurs are navigating turbulent waters.

What's after cannabis legalization?

5:15 pm

Queen Adesuyi, policy analyst at Drug Policy Alliance. When cannabis is legalized, what drugs are next?

CannAtlantic Cannabis Conference