Saki Fenderson Representing New York

Saki Fenderson

Saki is an award-winning speaker, author, cannabis educator and community activist with almost a decade of experience providing information, resources and empowerment for individuals looking to explore the wellness benefits of Cannabis plant-based medicine. Saki has been an outspoken advocate for legalization rooted in social and economic justice since 2013. Exploring the science, history and culture of Cannabis including the racist origins of cannabis prohibition and its use as a tool for suppressing communities of color spurred her advocacy and desire to educate and elevate.


Saki hosts a monthly cannabis cooking class introducing audiences to the diversity of cooking with the plant and its myriad wellness-based applications. She is also a founding member of New York Cannabis United, a trade organization committed to creating a fair and sustainable cannabis industry for all in New York State including pathway development to transition the pre-existing legacy market into the regulated industry.

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