Zoë Patchell Representing Delaware
Zoë Patchell is the a paralegal, a cannabis legalization and criminal justice reform activist, a volunteer citizen lobbyist, and the President and co-founder of Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network (Delaware CAN.
Cherron Perry-Thomas Representing Pennsylvania
Cherron Perry-Thomas is the CEO of Green Dandelion, a natural product brokerage group serving the national and local natural retailers. She has directly overseen the launch of over 2,000 brands
Caroline Phillips, the founder of the National Cannabis Festival, will be discussing how cannabis event planners are navigating the covid19 pandemic. Be sure to learn about cannabis legalization in the
Tyler McFadden Representing D.C.
Tyler McFadden is co-founder and principal at North Star Liberty Group, where she heads the federal affairs, communications, and campaign divisions. She'll be presenting Washington D.C.'s state of state cannabis
Faye Coleman Representing New Jersey
Faye Coleman is co-founder & CEO Pure Genesis, LLC and will presenting New Jersey's state of state cannabis report. With multi-national and multi-unit experiences stemming from supply-chain logistics, operations management,
Jason Ortiz
Jason serves as the President of the Minority Cannabis Business Association which is the only nation-wide trade association comprised of and working for people of color in the cannabis industry. 
Mona Zhang
Mona Zhang is a cannabis policy reporter for POLITICO and will be talking about the state of cannabis media during the CannAtlantic Conference. She joined POLITICO in 2019, when the
Dr Rachel Knox
Dr. Rachel Knox is a co-founder of Doctors Knox, Inc., the American Cannabinoid Clinics and ADVENT Academy. She will be discussing the state of medical marijuana in an age of
Ricardo Baca
Ricardo Baca is a 20-year veteran journalist, keynote speaker, TEDx veteran and thought leader in modern media and drug-policy circles. He'll be delivering a keynote speech on the importance of
Commissioner Title is a drug policy expert and attorney who currently serves as one of five commissioners on the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission, the agency that regulates the adult use
CannAtlantic Cannabis Conference